ActBlue paved the way to the market with a pure heart

A new star in the environmental protection industry-Anhui ActBlue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (300816) was successfully listed today in the capital market. 11 years of entrepreneurship have been full of trials and hardships. Looking back on the road to listing,innovative ideas and entrepreneurial passion will always be the soul of ActBlue's development. Above the clouds, the sky is blue. Drinking ice for ten years, it is difficult to cool the blood; moving forward for Ai, the original intention has not been stained. ActBlue is pursuing his "Chinese Dream" with a pure heart-with "Ai", the sky can be bluer!

The clock was turned back to January 2009. Dr. Liu Yi,a returnee in his 30s, founded Anhui ActBlue Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to the emissions control of engine exhaust, and started an entrepreneurship full of hardships but full of pride. ActBlue, Act for more Blue, means "active action, creating blue sky"; Chinese translation is "Ai Ke lan", meaning "With 'AI', the sky can be bluer"! Purifying exhaust emissions, improving air quality, guarding respiratory health, and letting people enjoy the blue sky and white clouds in the power era are the goals that Liu Yi and all ActBlue people strive for.

At the beginning of its establishment, ActBlue had many difficulties. The park where the factory was located has just been built,and going to work was like going to the field, sweating and muddy. More than a dozen people crowded into one office. During the day, Liu Yi was the general manager and at night he worked as an engineer. Since we were unable to afford expensive testing equipment, we just borrowed the laboratory and waited until others get off work before starting experiments and tests. Under such difficult conditions, the company developed the first diesel engine after-treatment product-Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). The picture shows the test site of ActBlue that year.

In order to build the supply capacity of the whole system and break through foreign monopoly, ActBlue began to tackle the problem of SCR electronically controlled injection system in 2011. From the beginning of the design, the system has resolutely abandoned the existing technical route and insisted on completely independent and forward development.It is the first in the world to apply the swirling mechanical nozzle to the hydraulic electronic control system, improving the bottlenecks of electronically controlled nozzles in terms of cost and failure rate, and can match various engine applications. After hard work, the first-generation electronically controlled injection system ActNOx1.0 of ActBlue was produced that year, and with the continuous upgrading of emissions, 2.0, 3.0, 2.1 and 3.1 products were successively launched, and the product's cost performance and reliability continued to improve.

Even more gratifying is that in this year, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) was successfully developed. This product can reduce the particulate matter emission of the engine by more than 95%. It is a product that can effectively reduce PM2.5 emissions. This product has been widely used in the National Standard V and National Standard VI emission stages and is suitable for the transformation of exhaust gas after-treatment system of in-use vehicles.

The National Standard IV emission standards for diesel vehicles have been postponed several times. After the successful development of this product, the industry commented very highly on this product but the sales volume was not very good. As a result, ActBlue had been unable to make ends meet for many years. During this period of time, ActBlue people did not complain or lose heart, and started the research and development of National Standard V products intensively while tightening their clothing and food, and began to reserve National Standard VI technologies. 2015 was a turning point for ActBlue.In that year, the National Standard IV for diesel vehicles was fully implemented. ActBlue also ushered in the spring of development with its excellent technology and product accumulation, and its business began to grow significantly. The picture shows the research and development site of ActBlue in the laboratory.

Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. In just a few years, the emission standard for diesel vehicles has been upgraded from the National Standard Ⅳ to the National Standard Ⅴ, and now the National Standard Ⅵ is being implemented step by step.Every standard upgrade is the touchstone of technical hard power, and ActBlue finally stood out in the waves. At present, ActBlue has realized the batch supply of after-treatment products meeting the National Standard Ⅵ. The picture shows the R & D and production of ActBlue.

There is no time to wait for the emission upgrade of new vehicles, and the exhaust gas after treatment of in-use vehicles is also urgent, which is a huge stock market. In 2014, ActBlue began to develop the exhaust gas after treatment market of in-use vehicles. At present, the after treatment business has been carried out in 14 provinces and cities across the country, which has brought good performance growth to the company and achieved good social benefits through emission reduction. The picture shows the distribution of ActBlue in the in-use vehicle transformation market and scenes of the on-site transformation of in-use vehicles.

While striving to maintain the innovative advantages in the automotive exhaust after treatment market, ActBlue is also extending its business range to off-road machineries, ships and other application fields, so as to plan ahead for the upcoming stricter emission regulations, such as the upcoming National Standard IV for off-road machineries.At that time, after-treatment products will also become the standard configuration of its power system. In September 2019, ActBlue obtained the approval certificate of the marine SCR system type accredited by the China Classification Society (CCS).This is a major breakthrough for ActBlue in the ship exhaust after-treatment market, marking that ActBlue has already possessed the ability and qualification of ship exhaust gas after treatment. The picture on the left is ActBlue’s project department of ship exhaust gas after treatment and the work screen, the picture on the right is the scene of on-site transformation of off-road machineries.

There is no end to innovation, and no end to entrepreneurship. In 2018, Anhui BlueVOC Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ActBlue Holdings, was established and began to enter the industrial waste gas treatment market. In August 2019, the first large-scale industrial VOCs treatment equipment RTO (Regenerative Oven) of BlueVOC was successfully installed. The pictures show BlueVOC company and the installation screen of industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment.

It takes tens of thousands of times of washing to filter out sands and finally get gold. Relying on its product strength and technical advantages, ActBlue's business performance has continued to grow. In February 2020, ActBlue successfully achieved the initial public offerings of A shares and became the first GEM-listed company in China with engine exhaust after-treatment as its main business. Like iron, the great pass seems invincible, but we crossed the summit with firm strides. Now we are starting from the beginning and ActBlue will take this as a new starting point. The picture shows a group photo of Dr. Liu Yi and other company leaders at the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

On October 31, 2019, ActBlue’s application for initial public offerings was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.On January 16, 2020, ActBlue held a public offering of shares on and an online roadshow for listing on the GEM. Dr. Liu Yi, chairman and general manager of ActBlue, said that in the future, ActBlue will demand itself with higher standards, continuously improve its own management level, enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, so that ActBlue can become a listed company worthy of everyone's trust with long-term investment value! The picture shows the site of ActBlue's online roadshow and draw.

The weight of every step witnesses the thickness of a brand; the blue sky of every piece reshapes the confidence of a nation. Today,under the national strategy of defending the blue sky, ActBlue has ushered in greater development opportunities. "With 'Ai', the sky can be bluer."ActBlue's participation in the magnificent environmental protection industry is an opportunity given by the times, and it is also a mission given by the times.No matter how bumpy the road ahead is, ActBlue will definitely forge ahead and sing along!