He has won China Youth May Fourth Medal, China Youth Entrepreneurship Award, China Yangtze River Delta Youth Business Forum Annual Youth Business Leader, China has been awarded the Contribution Award for Overseas Chinese (Innovative Talents), and honored as a national model worker and outstanding contributor to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics And so on, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. He is now a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a member of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment Member, National Federation of Industry and Commerce Executive Committee, Anhui Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman. He is also a Distinguished Professor of Hefei University of Technology, PhD director, adjunct professor of Beijing Institute of Technology and Jiangsu University. Liu Yi with his own "China dream" devoted to the environmental protection industry, so that our people enjoy power in the era of convenience At the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful blue sky and white clouds.

Dear friends:


In 2008, a group of Ph.D. students, who have been studying abroad and have made great achievements in their studies, returned to the motherland with their dreams of environmental protection and industrial service, and started the road of entrepreneurship full of hardships but also full of pride. Act blue, act for more blue, which means "active action, create blue sky"; the Chinese translation is "Ai Ke Lan", which means "Ai, the sky can be bluer"!

Through the persistent efforts of all aikelan people, aikelan has grown from a toddler to a young and energetic person: the company and team have been commended and awarded by the state, ministries and cities for many times; they have undertaken many national major scientific research projects such as the national "atmosphere special project", "rare earth special project", "863" and "support plan"; they have led and participated in many scientific research projects With the drafting and formulation of national, industrial and local standards, aikelan has become an advanced technology enterprise recognized by the industry, a leading enterprise in the industry, and an environmental protection star enterprise created by governments at all levels! Really, there's no reason why the akolan people don't praise themselves!

But it's just the beginning. Innovation has no end, entrepreneurship has no end! Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial passion will always be the soul of aikelan's development. Just as a person has character and morality, it is also a business. Self improvement, respect for heaven and love, aikelan people should self-discipline and encourage themselves! The value of our existence lies in bringing good economic and social benefits and pleasant experience to our partners. Mutual promotion, interaction and common progress. Sincerely ask you to supervise us, help us, rain and shine, together to create a green power industry!

To be able to participate in the magnificent environmental protection industry is not only the opportunity given to our generation by the times, but also the mission given to our generation by the times. Our persistence comes from our belief - this is a very meaningful cause! No matter how many frustrations ahead, we will forge ahead and sing all the way!

With AI, the sky can be bluer!