Chairman Liu Yi visited the group's French subsidiary ABF

Date:2022-09-30 Views:136

    Grundfos, the pioneer and leader of the urea injection pump of SCR system, went through Imitech, Mainland China, Wepai, and finally fell to Acelan! On September 1, 2021, after a year and a half of research and negotiation, it was successfully acquired by Acellan. Since then, it has a new name - ActBlue France. All these, all manifest Echo blue from the domestic leader to the international giant leap ambitious!

    Due to the epidemic, the leaders of the group have not been able to go to France personally to talk about the development plan with our new colleagues. However, Chairman Liu Yi has always been concerned about the integration and development between ABF and the group. In June this year, he overcame all kinds of difficulties and went to France personally, writing a good story for the group's internationalization journey.

(Mr. Eric Schwartz, General Manager of ABF, introduced Chairman Liu Yi to French colleagues)

    Accompanied by general Manager Mr. Schwartz, Chairman Liu Yi inspected the production, research and development and had in-depth communication with the leaders of various sectors. He highly affirmed the advanced research and development facilities and strict quality assurance of ABF. ABF has had a 0 km failure rate of 0 PPM for 60 consecutive months!

(Chairman Liu Yi inspected ABF production line)

    At the invitation of ABF colleagues, Chairman Liu Yi communicated with all ABF colleagues about the history, current situation and future planning of the group through a combination of online and offline, and answered many questions from colleagues on the spot. Especially for the future development of ABF and the strategic layout of the group's overseas development, through direct and sincere communication, we have achieved a good consensus, and also strengthened the confidence of ABF colleagues!

    AB France is an important part of Acoland Group's internationalization strategy. In the process of integrated development, there will be conflicts caused by cultural differences. However, if we can learn from each other and absorb the advantages and essence of each other, the company will be more vitality and competitiveness! In the future, we will continue the strategy of combining endogenous growth and extensional development, and unswervingly take the road of internationalization.