Chairman’s Greetings

Dear friends:

Glad to meet you!

In 2008, a group of overseas, aspiring and successful Ph.D team returned to China with eco-friendly, entrepreneurial dreams to start their own businesses full of hardships and pride as well as passionate. ActBlue, Act for more Blue, meaning "positive action to create Blue Sky" ; its Chinese translation is "Ai can Blue" , meaning "there is 'Ai' and sky can be more Blue" !

Through the sustained efforts of all Act-Blue people, Act-Blue has grown from a toddler to a Sunshine teenager: company and teams are repeatedly honored and rewarded by the nation, the ministry, the province and city; we has undertaken major national scientific research and development projects, including national atmospheric special projects, rare earth special projects, 863 projects, and support programs; also led and participated in the drafting and formulation of national, industry and local standards. ...ActBlue, has become an industry-recognized technology leading enterprises, industry leaders, and an environmentally-friendly star enterprise at all levels of governments. Actually, there's no reason for ActBlue people not to take a compliment for themselves !

But this is just the beginning. There is no end to innovation, there is no end to entrepreneurship! Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial passion will always be the soul of ActBlue's development. An enterprise is like a person, which has character and morality. ActBlue people should be self-discipline, self-improvement, respect for the sky and love human! Value of our existence is to bring good economic、social benefits and pleasant experience to our partners, as well as mutual promotion, common progress. Sincerely request everyone to supervise us, help us, in the same boat with each passing day , to create a green dynamic industry together!

To devote oneself to the great environmental protection industry is the opportunity given to our generation by the times, also the mission entrusted to our generation. Our persistence stems from our beliefs that are a very meaningful career! No matter how many bumps in the road, we will continue to make progress, sing all the way!

With "Ai" , Sky can be more Blue!





Liu Yi:

National special expert,Ph. D, Professor from University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2009 founded ActBlue Co., Ltd. as chairman/general manager. 

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