Research and Innovation

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Research and innovation capabilities

The company is a high-tech enterprise, a national intellectual property model enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, the first batch of specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, an international science and technology cooperation base of Anhui Province, a "provincial recognized enterprise technology center" of Anhui Province, and a provincial industrial design center. The company's SCR products won the first prize of Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress, and the company's "particulate matter collecting device (DPF)" was identified by the JK JianZi [2018] No. 2055 "Science and Technology Achievement Certification" issued by China Machinery Industry Federation, which is at the international advanced level. The company has established "Anhui Provincial Diesel Engine Exhaust Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Emission" recognized by Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department. The company has participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards, including "Determination Method of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium Content in Metal Catalytic Converters" (QC/T968-2014), "Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System of Diesel Engine" (JB/ T118801-2014), "Technical Requirements for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust After Treatment Device" (2017).

In addition, the company has also undertaken and participated in a number of government scientific research projects such as the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Economic and Information Technology Commission, etc., such as the 863 Program of "Research on Integrated Technology of Heavy Diesel Vehicle Reprocessing for China VI", the National Science and Technology Support Program, and the National Key Research and Development Program.

Major scientific research projects hosted and participated in

National "863" Program Special "Research on Integration Technology of Heavy Diesel Vehicle Reprocessing for National VI"

National Support Plan Special "Development and Application of Euro VI Heavy Diesel Engine"

National key research and development program "Diesel vehicle emission control key technology and system integration meeting national VI standard" - air special project

Research on Pollution Emission Control Technology and System of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Motorcycles

The National Key Research and Development Program of Hilly and Mountainous Tractor Key Technology Research and Whole Machine Development

"Diesel Engine Emission and Strengthening Control Measures" -- Premier's Fund Project

National and International Cooperation Special "High-precision Selective Catalytic Reduction Exhaust Purification System for Vehicles"

National special research and development and industrialization of new rare earth and rare metal materials "research and development and industrialization of rare earth catalysts and ternary catalytic converters"

National Industrial Revitalization and Technical Transformation Special "Research and Development and Industrialization of Particulate Catcher (DPF)"

National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund Project Diesel Engine Extract Treatment System Based on Fuel Assisted Regeneration (DPF) and Low Temperature Initiation (DOC)

National Small and Medium Enterprises Technology Innovation Fund Project "Air Assisted Selective Catalytic Reduction System"