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DPF scientific and technological achievements appraisal will be held victory

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In March 27th, the expert group composed of the China Mechanical Industry Federation and the China internal combustion engine industry association (China internal combustion engine industry association) made acceptance and appraisal of the "ActBlue" ActBlue brand particulate matter collection device (DPF) of the independent research and development project of the IACO environmental protection Limited by Share Ltd. Academician Su Wanhua served as chairman of the expert group, and Secretary General Xing Min and Professor Yao Chunde served as vice chairmen of the expert group. The members of this colleague were as follows: Ma Jingkun, Li Hongzhen, Wu Xinchao, Li Yunqiang, Dai Songgao, Dai Songgao.

Before the appraisal, the group of experts visited our company under the leadership of Liu Yi, chairman of the company. Subsequently, the chairman of Liu Yi and deputy general manager of Zhu Qing made a specific report on the "DPF" project, reflecting the advanced technical concept and excellent product parameters. The expert group reviewed the product's identification materials carefully, carried out a rigorous demonstration of innovation, advanced nature and reliability, and thoroughly understood the performance and application of the product through inquiry and defense.

Finally, the expert group agreed that the "ActBlue" brand particulate matter capture device (DPF), which we developed independently, meets the fifth stage emission standard for diesel vehicles in China, and can be used to meet the needs of the national six emission standard diesel engines, and the mass production has achieved significant social and economic benefits. The PM emission control technology of the capture device has reached the international advanced level.

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