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He Shushan deputy governor to our investigation

发布日期:2018-3-22     浏览次数:830

On the afternoon of March 13th, vice governor He Shushan came to our department to investigate and investigate. Wang Chunming, deputy director of the provincial government office, Xu Wenzhang, chief engineer of the Provincial Committee of the Committee of the Ministry of information, and deputy director of the provincial Environmental Protection Office, Luo Hong, etc. participated in the investigation. The deputy mayor Sun Jixin, the vice mayor of the Deputy District, and the director of the high and New District Management Committee Cheng Weisheng were accompanied by the investigation. Liu Fan, deputy general manager of the company, expressed a warm welcome to the deputy governor of He Shushan on behalf of the whole management team, and reported on the company's current overall operation, core technical advantages and future development planning. The deputy governor of He Shushan expressed appreciation for the R & D idea of independent innovation and affirmed the R & D and industrialization results obtained by Ike blue, and emphasized that we should improve the development opportunities and rely on scientific and technological innovation to enhance the value-added of products and the gold content of the brand; to promote the integration of production and research and research, to strengthen the introduction of talents and to bring in the introduction of talents, Promote and promote Chizhou's distinctive development, dislocation development and high-end development.


Liu Fan, deputy general manager, introduced the model of diesel exhaust tail treatment system to vice governor He Shushan.


Vice governor He Shushan raised ardently hopes for the development of acore blue.



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