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Liu Yi wins the "green business leaders" to help develop and innovate the Yangtze River De

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In order to lead the youth to devote themselves to the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, further promote the industrial upgrading and economic transformation of the urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta, and promote the overall advantages and international competitiveness of the Yangtze River Delta region. In November 10th, the 2017 China Yangtze River Delta green business theory was held in Fengxian, Shanghai, with the theme of "Innovating the energy and promoting the industry".

 Liu Yi, chairman of Anhui eco green Limited by Share Ltd, was invited to participate in the Yangtze River Delta Youth Business Forum. After several rounds of selection, Liu Yi's chairman won the "2017 China Yangtze River Delta youth business leaders" award with the example power. 

 It is understood that the China Yangtze River Delta green business forum has now successfully held its 9 session as an annual economic forum for public welfare. It is committed to building an exchange platform for young talents in the Yangtze River Delta regional official, production, study, research, medium and cross-border industries, condensing green business forces, promoting the growth of green merchants, promoting industrial transformation, promoting regional revitalization and promoting the Yangtze River Delta. Regional overall advantages and international competitiveness.

 The Yangtze River Delta region, as the strongest area of our country's comprehensive strength, is active in a large number of business leaders full of ability and pioneering spirit. The chairman of Liu Yi can capture the annual "green business leader", which shows that he has been recognized by more and more people in the demonstration of innovative and entrepreneurial talent. On the forum, the award of "the ten leading green merchants in the Yangtze River Delta", "the ten outstanding green merchants in the Yangtze River Delta", "the green business leader of the Yangtze River Delta" and other awards were awarded, including the 8 winners of the "green business leader" of the Yangtze River Delta, including He Qing, President of the China Pacific Insurance Company, Bai Yunlong, President of Nanjing Wei Gang dairy, and Liu Yi, President of the environmental protection president of Anhui. The forum also launched the "Yangtze River Delta youth business" collaborative innovation and revitalization entity "action plan".

Green business leader of the year


 In 2008, a group of doctorations from overseas and learned, with the enthusiasm of the automobile environmental protection industry and the industrial newspaper, came back to the motherland to create the Anhui Ike blue environmental protection Limited by Share Ltd, in this China's first ecological economic demonstration area, a bright new star jump.

 In a few years, the company has broken the foreign monopoly through independent research and development, successfully conquered the national V and national VI emission standard products, and can meet the emission and upgrading requirements of China's future engines. The products are applicable to automobile, motorcycle, communication, engineering machinery, marine power, generator set, agricultural machinery and so on. Industry recognized technology authority enterprises, green car industry leader.

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